Lions 2020 Summer Show Cancelled

In the light of the current uncertainties caused by the continuing Coronavirus crisis the Mersea Island Lions Committee have voted to cancel this year’s Summer Show. The show, due to take place on Saturday 8th August, is one of our biggest fundraising events and its cancellation will be a major blow to the organisation.

New for 2021 Summer Show – Circus Workshop

A fun new event for our 2021 Show will be a Circus Workshop provided by the Violet Streak’s Circus Company.

In the workshop guests will have a chance to try out and learn the following equipment:

  • hula hoops
  • poi
  • stilts
  • peddle-gos
  • diablos
  • devil sticks
  • spinning plates
  • circus ribbons
  • juggling balls

Three members of the circus staff will actively teach circus skills to anyone wishing to learn.

Visit our Summer Show Home Page

Home Alone Collection Thank-you

Thank you to all who donated to the Home Alone collections at the weekend – you raised £1006.57 – thank you very much for your kindness.
If you know of anyone who is elderly/home alone on Christmas Day and wishes to receive a meal please contact Lion Bridget on 01206 383166.

Presentation Evening 1st Feb 2019 – Photos

Here is a selection of photos from our Presentation Evening which took place on Friday 1st February (Photos by Lion Keith Bird). The photos will also be permanently available from our Gallery Page here.

Lion Christine Chamberlain recalls her day at Buckingham Palace

Christine Chamberlain

On the evening of the 8th February, I had the greatest honour to represent our very own Mersea Island Lions Club at Buckingham Palace.

We were invited by her Royal Highness, Sophie the Countess of Wessex who became patron of the Lions Clubs of the British Isles in 2004. The occasion being to mark 100 years of Lions Clubs International.

I was one of 350 individual Lions who came to The Palace. I shall never forget the freezing cold wind and snow coming through the great iron gates of the palace with the dancing snow in the courtyard swirling in the air like something out of the film FROZEN.

As I ascended the great staircase where many Royals including her Majesty The Queen had walked, I suddenly realised “This is real”, I am here in Buckingham Palace representing Mersea Island Lions and of course, Mersea Island.

I will skip the excitement that I felt when I was in the grandest cloakroom I have ever seen. I was shown in to the best known room in Buckingham Palace, The Throne Room, with its spectacular chandeliers and tapestries.

Although we were all wearing name badges, these did not say where we were from, so I made my way around introducing myself and asking where fellow Lions were from. The waiters were very kind and drinks became plentiful. After my third drink of Elderflower (non-alcoholic), I became known as the elderflower lady, but I did end up having one glass of wine.

As I wound my way down towards where the two important chairs (thrones) were, her Royal Highness walked right by me with a smile and a nod and went to the lectern and prepared for her speech.

Her Royal Highness started by welcoming us all to the Palace on such a cold snowy night. Before Countess Sophie went further into her speech, she had a confession to make, and, with a giggle, she said that she and another member of the Royal Family were watching us trailing across the courtyard with our boots, coats and hats which made us appear all in black looking like something from a film set. She had turned to another member of the Royal Family saying “There go My Brave Lions”. Countess Sophie gave a wonderful speech thanking all her clubs for our hard work and dedication and explained that she was only the fairy on top of the Christmas Tree.

Past International Director, Lion Phil Nathan, responded to this saying what our clubs worldwide do. He then went on to present the Highest Award that a Lion can receive, The Mervyn Jones Fellowship. Countess Sophie was lost for words but replied saying thank you so much and repeated that she was only the Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree.

The Countess made her way through the great hall. I was so close to her, watching and listening, a beautiful Lady in every way. She wore a simple sea green satin dress with a black bolero and black very high heeled shoes.

In Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, all present had something special to remember.

Mersea Island was put on the map that evening and I am honoured to have been part of it.

– Lion Christine Chamberlain, MJF. Past President Mersea Island Lions Club.

Footnote – Official photos have not yet been available from The Palace.

Seat for West Mersea Childrens Park

On Wednesday 14th March 2018 The Lions of Mersea Island donated a seat for the West Mersea Childrens Park. As can be seen it is already being used and I am sure it will be well used in years to come. It is a pleasure to help the younger generation.

Mersea Island Lions Club 40th Anniversary

On Saturday 10th March 2018 Mersea Island Lions held their 40th Anniversary at The Granary, Waldegraves Holiday Park. It was a packed evening with Lions from all over East Anglia, Smile’s, distinguished guests and friends of Mersea Island Lions.
Chris and his team did us proud with really good food and service to be proud of.

During the evening we were privileged to be entertained by Scarlett Garwood who sang beautifully to us.

Lion Bridget Smith and Lion Christine Chamberlain were presented by the District Governor Lion Derek Prior the highest award that a Lion can receive for dedication and service to humanity, the Melvin Jones Fellowship.

(L-R) Lion Tony Briault – Witham Lions, Region Chairperson Lion Sandie Briault, Lion David Morton – Mersea Lions, Mersea Lions Club President – Lion Margaret Kimberley, Past District Governor District D Lion Fred Massey from Fleet Hampshire, District Governor District EA Lion Derek Prior, Mayor of West Mersea Carl Powing. On the table is our Charter Plaque 1978 containing the names of all the original charter members when the club was formed.

Past President Lion Christine Chamberlain being presented with the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for Community Service by District Governor District EA Lion Derek Prior.

(Standing) District Governor District EA Lion Derek Prior, Lion Roy Chamberlain – Secretary and Lion Colin Kimble – Vice President of Mersea Lions Club pictured with Lion Bridget Smith who was also presented with the Mervin Jones Fellowship Award for Community Service.

Scarlett Garwood

Photos by Keith Bird
More photos here

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