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(Below) Pictures of the recent ‘Round the Island All Terrain Running Race’ (Sunday 23rd June) – another successful event organised by the Mersea Island Lions Club:

Who we are and why we exist

The Lions Club of Mersea Island was chartered in 1978, its members wishing to help the less fortunate people within the Mersea Island community. Their aims were simple:-

♦ Community Service,
♦ Fund-raising to help the less fortunate within the community and further afield,
♦ and have fun and fellowship whilst doing it.

The Mersea Island Lions Club has continued to go from strength to strength. And after 40 years the same aims are still holding true.

The club is in  District 105CE Zone 2A, and is always looking for new members and S.M.I.L.E. (Supporters of Mersea Island Lions Efforts) volunteers and will offer a warm welcome to all visitors.

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DIARY 2019

January 2019

February 2019
Friday 1st – Presentation Evening
Tuesday 19th – Meeting

March 2019
Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd – Marie Curie Collection
Tuesday 19th – Meeting

April 2019
Tuesday 16th – Meeting

May 2019
Tuesday 21st – Meeting
Saturday 25th – Food and Drink Festival
Sunday 26th – Food and Drink Festival

June 2019
Tuesday 18th – Meeting
Saturday 22nd  – Mersea Carnival
Sunday 23rd – Round the Island All Terrain Running Race (high water 16:40 hrs)

July 2019
Saturday 13th – Tendring Show
Sunday 14th – Lions Boot Sale Collection
Tuesday 16th – Meeting

August 2019

Saturday 10th – Summer Show 2019
Tuesday 20th – Meeting
Sunday 25th – 5 & 10 Mile Running Races (high water 07:17 hrs)
Friday 30th – Scooter Rally
Saturday 31st – Scooter Rally

September 2019
Sunday 1st – District Fun day Gt. Yarmouth
Saturday14th and Sunday 15th  – Mersea Barrow Open Day parking

October 2019
Tuesday 15th – Meeting

November 2019
Tuesday 19th – Meeting

December 2019
Friday 6th – Mersea Lights Up Event
Saturday 14th – Home Alone Collection
Wednesday 25th – Home Alone Dinners

We are grateful to the following local companies for their continuing support of our activities:

Waldegraves Holiday Park
waldegraves-logoThe Seaview Cafe
LIFE Magazines Group

Blackwater Estates

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