Vehicle Exhibitor Registration

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Use this page to register your vehicle for this year’ classic vehicle display.

PLEASE NOTE: If you registered your vehicle for our 2019 show which was unfortunately cancelled because of severe weather, there will be no charge for 2020 but we would still ask you to re-register your details below.

Any problems? –  email Roy Chamberlain at or call 01206 385822.

A Cars pre-1946
B Cars 1946-1959
C Cars 1960-1979
D Cars 1980-1999
E 21st Century Classics
F Cars Designed and Made in the USA
G Commercial Vehicles
H Agricultural Vehicles
J Motorcycles
K Motor Tricycles
L Public Transport
M Competition Vehicles Racing and Rallying
N Military Vehicles
P Motor Scooters
X Unspecified
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