Vehicle Display List 2022

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List of vehicles entered for the Vehicle Display in our 2022 Summer Show.

Vehicles entered to date: 73, showing 75 per page
Make, ModelYearRegistrationClassClub/BusinessConfirmed
Reliant scimitar gte 1985 Hlw 10k N/a Yes
Porche 2011 JIII YTO Chelmsford Porche Yes
Sunbeam S8 1954 535 EHN Yes
Vespa combination 1967 RCA 390B Yes
Morgan sports 1933 ALX 157 A Yes
Morgan 1934 OC 9821 A MTWC Yes
Mercedes 170-sd 1953 FSD366 B Club Yes
Riley RME 1953 RUA 422 B Yes
Ford thunderbird 1959 226 XVB B Yes
Rover 90 dhc 1954 RNX 10 B Yes
Morris Cowley 1955 OCE 429 B Yes
Ford 100E Anglia 1958 LCL 409 B Yes
Ford Zephyr 1953 JCA 905 B Yes
Ford 100e 1960 319CNM B Yes
Ford Consul 1954 249 EMU B Yes
Ford thunderbird 1959 226 XVB B Yes
Ford Consul MK2 1958 PSL 116 B Yes
MGB 1978 OYY676R C Yes
triumph spitfire 1973 PGO344L C Yes
1300 Vanden Plas 1971 PVW152K C N/A Yes
Triumph Stag 1972 PGC 591K C Yes
Riley one point five 1962 MOO 650 C Yes
Ford Escort Mk1 1972 TNO 452K C Yes
Bedford CA Romany Dormobile 1969 MPV 281G C Yes
British Leyland Mini Clubman Estate Auto 1976 MVG128P C Yes
Austin 1300 1971 KGN990K C Yes
M.G.B 65 SRE662C C Yes
Triumph Stag 1970 YKX709J C Yes
Ford Capri Mk 1 1971 VAR461J C Yes
Bentley Corniche Convertible 1975 EHJ 245P C Yes
MGB Roadster 1970 PKW909J C Yes
Rover P6 1971 CFH1J C Yes
Rolls Royce sliver shadow 1979 FYV585V C ashdown design & marketing Yes
Mgbgt,x2 1978/79 Anw353s/epg378v C Car show guys Yes
MGB Roadster 1963 3466 PH C Yes
Austin 1300gt 1971 KMF744K C Yes
Triumph Dolomite Sprint 1976 MVX 767P C Club Triumph Yes
Ford Cortina 1970 XMO536H C Yes
MGB Roadster 1971 GME 879J C Yes
ford zephyr mk2 1960 TCO 892 C Yes
Chevrolet Belair 1955 55 YWY C John Williams Yes
Mercedes 280ce 1979 2483 MF C John Sidney Williams Yes
Triumph 1300 1967 SFM512F C Yes
Ford Cortina 1970 XMO536H C SEOC Yes
VW Mk1 GLi Cabriolet 1983 KTM 660Y D Yes
BMW M3 1998 G6 JPH D BMW Car Club Yes
Land Rover Defender 90 1997 N63 XVP D Yes
Ford Capri 1.6 Cabaret 1983 A259JFR D Yes
BMW 318i Lux Convertible 1993 K992FUV D North Essex Rag Tops Yes
Thunderbird 1995 R639 JAR D Yes
Ford Cortina MK5 1982 EVS781Y D Yes
Ford Fiesta Mk2 1987 E281FLW D Mersea Island Classic Car Enthusiasts (MICCE) Yes
Renault 5 1983 A305LCL D Roman roadsters Yes
Scimitar 1985 Hlw10k D John wade Yes
Ford Mustang 1988 F713XWP D Yes
Renault Clio Williams 1994 L900 PJC D Yes
Reliant scimitar gte 1985 Hlw10k D Yes
Toyota MR2 1994 L756PNO D Yes
honda s2000 2004 eu54vym E North Essex Rag Tops Yes
Vauxhall Omega 2001 X713DWP E Yes
Mazda MX5 2000 W801ONN E Yes
Jaguar s type 2007 T20XLY E Yes
BMW Z3 2000 J20 GYP E Yes
MG TF135 Spark 2005 NL05 XUZ E NERT Yes
Chevy pickup 1956 271UXT F Yes
Studebaker M5 1946 NAS 538 G n/a Yes
White Motor Co WC-20 1952 258 YUW G n/a Yes
Allis-Chalmers D272 1957 265 YUM H Geoff Pearce Yes
AJS 14 csr 250cc 1965 HLE 795C J Yes
Harley Davidson softail springer 2003 WO53 FHC J Yes
Harley Davidson Custom Sportster 2005 MX05WXU J Yes
Ford GPW Jeep 1944 YVL 975 N Yes


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